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The AS Luiss Sports Schools are open to all levels of preparation.
Courses can be accessed at any time of the year; the enrollment fee can be remodulated on the basis of the remaining months of the course.

The course
The AS Luiss Sailing course allows all Luiss students, teachers and members of the administrative staff to enroll in group training sessions.

Training venue
Training will be held at the Reale Circolo Tevere Remo, located in Via Riviera Zanardelli 101, Anzio.

The training sessions scheduled for this academic year will always take place on the weekend, on the following days:

  1. Saturday 7th January 2023
  2. Saturday 14th January 2023 (with regatta option)
  3. Saturday 28th January 2023
  4. Sunday 5th February 2023
  5. Saturday 11th February 2023 (with regatta option)
  6. Saturday 25th February 2023
  7. Saturday 18th March 2023
  8. Saturday 25th March 2023
  9. Saturday 1stth April 2023

How to register and costs
The number of Veronica Alessandrini, contact person for the course, useful for registering and agreeing on the details of the sessions is: 3317129214

Training sessions package:
The 9 training sessions scheduled in the coming months have a total cost of €410.
The cost of the package may vary according to the remaining exits at the time of registration.

Payment must be made by bank transfer, inserting in the description “Name Surname – Vela year (for example “Mario Rossi – Vela 2023”).

IBAN: IT13 U030 6905 0771 0000 0013 239
Payable to: Associazione Sportiva Luiss

Medical certificate
It is necessary to have a valid sports medical certificate (competitive or non-competitive).
Below is useful information on affiliated centers for obtaining a sports medical certificate:

Coni – Competitive and non-competitive sports medical certificate: for reservations contact the number 0632729300;

– An agreement is active for Students, Teaching Staff and Administrative Staff which allows them to take advantage of discounted rates on health services, including competitive and non-competitive sports medical examinations, at UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital, located in Viale delle Mura Gianicolensi, 67.

To make reservations:
Telephone: 06588961

E-mail: specifying your position (student, teaching staff, administrative staff)
Via website: UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital – Rome private clinic. The discount will be applied upon acceptance of the service.

To finalize the registration, a copy of the bank transfer and a medical certificate must be sent to the following email address: