VI Edition Course for Team Manager

The course is open to all Luiss students and is completely free of charge. It has a duration of 36 hours, organized in 4 modules of 8 hours in the classroom, plus 2 modules of practical lesson on the field, one at the PalaLuiss, the other at the FutbolCampus.

The course aims to create a qualified professional training with the aim of “training” the figure of the Team Manager of AS LUISS, and to focus on the many dynamics present in a group-team.

General rules

  • At the end of the course you can take the final test and then obtain the diploma of participation only if attendance at the lessons will be equal to or greater than 75% of the total amount of hours (27 hours out of 36 total);
  • A tutor is in charge of the registration of attendance, which takes place through the signing of a register and failure to sign in and / or out will be considered as absence.
  • From this year, it will be possible to obtain 4 cfu (career code SJ1/other training activities), only with a participation equal to or greater than 75% of the lessons (27 hours out of 36 total);
  • The first 30 participants will be given the opportunity to have an interview with the aim of carrying out an internship in the role of Team Manager at the A.S. Roma Academy. In the event that more than one candidate has the same score, priority will be determined on the basis of the time of delivery of the assessment test.

Useful information

  • The selection of participants is made only on the basis of a chronological criterion of registration;
  • All activities take place during the second half of the year, on Friday afternoons and on Saturday mornings;
  • No activities take place during the exam period;
  • In the case of concomitance between the times of the lessons of two different courses, students, within 5 days prior to the lesson they want to follow, must request justification for the course in which they will be absent;
  • All lessons in the classroom will take place at the Luiss premises in Viale Romania, 32.