Sports Insurance

All the students enrolled in any Luiss team hold the accident insurance. In order to practice sports, enrolled students must bring the certificate stating their fitness for agonistic activity at the offices of AS Luiss.

In case of accident

  1. go to the E.R. within 24h or to Luiss’ medical adviser Gianpiero Cutolo M.D. or his substitute to obtain the accident certificate;
  2. Fill in the accident opening and consent forms to the processing of personal data.
    In the “Accident Opening Form” the signature of the contracting company is not required.
  3. Please also attach a detailed description of the modalities and dynamics of the event if not indicated in the above accident report form and first aid certificate or similar with diagnosis and prognosis.

These documents must be delivered within 1 or 2 days to the secretariat of AS Luiss.

The closure of the file will be possible only with medical certification attesting to the healing with or without aftershocks to be occurred in the medical-legal.
The original must be attached to the medical certificate:

Invoices/receipts complete with certifications.
declaration on the existence or not of other insurance contracts stipulated for accidents.
All closing documents must be handed over to the secretariat of AS Luiss.

Death 150,000.00
Permanent disability 150,000.00 Depending on the disciplines, between 3% and 5%
Hospital and medical expenses 10,000.00 150.00 per accident
Specialised medical expenses 800.00 150.00 per accident
Aesthetic injury 3,000.00
Daily allowance for injury recovery 60.00 For a maximum of 360 days
Day hospital for injuries 30.00 For a maximum of 360 days
Daily allowance for cast 30.00 For a maximum of 30 days
Medevac for injuries 1,500.00
Dentist expenses Included
RC for association and/or athletes 2,000,000.00 500.00 per injury