Swimming, second round of 2023 for the Luiss Intesa Sanpaolo team

The second round of the year was excellent for our Luiss Intesa Sanpaolo swimming team who competed on Saturday 21 January at the swimming pool of the Federal Center of Ostia. Lorenzo D'Angelo and Alberto Crosato took to the pool for the 100m freestyle setting times of 51.2 and 54.4, both significant considering the ... More

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Swimming, the Luiss Intesa Sanpaolo team returns to record good times in the pool

The first races of the year for the Luiss Intesa Sanpaolo swimming team were held on Sunday 8 January at the Pietralata federal centre. There are three athletes who took to the pool performing the best test. Times and performances, the result of returning to the pool after the holiday period, met the staff's expectations, ... More

Regionale FIN Lazio

Swimming, concludes first FIN Lazio regional trials for Luiss Intesa Sanpaolo team

The first FIN Lazio Regional trial for the athletes of the Luiss Intesa Sanpaolo Swimming Team has ended and with this also the competitive year of our boys. It was a year full of satisfactions due to excellent results obtained by the team that performed well in regional competitions and in the National meeting in ... More

Nuoto Luiss

Swimming, Luiss Intesa Sanpaolo team continues to grind out good times in the pool

On Sunday, December 4, the second part of the first FIN Lazio regional trials for Team Nuoto Luiss Intesa Sanpaolo took place at the Federal Center in Ostia. Our girls in the 100 backstroke prove underwhelming. Not hitting the start, they struggle to get into a race rhythm. Despite this, they demonstrate swimming absolu... More

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Swimming, excellent performance of Luiss Intesa Sanpaolo team at Nicoletti national meet

The AS Luiss Intesa Sanpaolo swimming team, after a 2-month period without competitions, returned to the pool on the weekend of June 3-5 at the "Nicoletti" national meeting in Riccione. The 8 athletes summoned by coach Emmanuele Zuccalà were engaged in different specialties based on previously recorded qualifying ... More

Swimming, the Luiss Intesa Sanpaolo team records excellent times at the regional Seniores finals

On Sunday, March 27, 2022, at the "Marco Galli" Swimming Stadium in Civitavecchia, the regional finals of the Seniors category were held. The athletes of the AS Luiss Intesa Sanpaolo Swimming Team who took part in this special event are: Alberto Crosato in the 50 and 100 style (25.39 - 56.30), Lorenzo Antonini in the 50 ... More

Swimming, Tommaso Landi wins the Bronze medal at the Regional Category Finals!

At the Centro Federale Pietralata the Regional Category Finals started and in the first day of competition a bronze medal arrived for the AS Luiss Intesa Sanpaolo Swimming thanks to an excellent performance in the 200 breaststroke of the student athlete Tommaso Landi who with a time of 2' 19.70 managed to touch the edge 2 ... More

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Swimming, qualification trials concluded for Team Luiss Intesa Sanpaolo

With the day of Sunday, February 27, for our Team Luiss Nuoto Intesa Sanpaolo, ended the qualifying trials for the regional championships of the category, which will be held from next March 12. The athletes who took part in this last event are: Simone Serpente in the 100 style (54.03), Nicola Serafin in the 100 backst... More

Atletica Leggera Unipolsai

Athletics, excellent results for the AS Luiss Unipolsai Team at the “Provincial Event”.

On Sunday, February 20, on the occasion of the "Manifestazione Provinciale" at the Paolo Rosi Stadium, three athletes of the Unipolsai Athletics Team participated in the absolute men's 100m long jump. Gerardo Lapenna with a time of 12''64 placed first in his battery and 30th in the final ranking of the tournament. ... More

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Swimming, continue the Regional Category Trials for the AS Luiss Intesa Sanpaolo Team

The seventh day of competitions has ended, valid for the achievement of the admission times to the Regional Finals of Category of short pool. The boys of the AS Luiss Intesa Sanpaolo Swimming Team who took part in the trials were: Simone Serpente, Tommaso Landi, Gianluca Vandini, Lorenzo Pireri and Costanza Emanuele. ... More