Swimming, the Luiss Intesa Sanpaolo team returns to record good times in the pool

  • 17 January 2023

The first races of the year for the Luiss Intesa Sanpaolo swimming team were held on Sunday 8 January at the Pietralata federal centre.
There are three athletes who took to the pool performing the best test. Times and performances, the result of returning to the pool after the holiday period, met the staff’s expectations, underlining the team’s rapid recovery.
In particular, Costanza Emanuele clocked 31.5 in the 50m backstroke and 3.38.4 in the 200m medley, Costanza Poerio 30.4 in the 50m backstroke and 2.37.5 in the 200m medley.
Lorenzo Piferi also did very well, scoring a time of 31.4 in the 50 breaststroke and getting very close to his best time.
The team will continue to compete in the coming weekends with the second and third stages of the second regional round.