College soccer, Luiss team continues to grind out victories

Thursday, December 15, at the USD Tor di Quinto field saw another match for the university soccer team led by Coach Giovannetti, who won another three points. This time it was the Erasmus players who came out on top, in what had the appearance of a real clash for the top. The match was close from the start, with the ... More


College soccer, third consecutive league win for Luiss

Great victory for the Luiss college soccer team, which notches its third straight victory in the tournament: closing out the Tuesday, Dec. 6 match against Lumsa 4-1. Coach Giovannetti's team, with full points, dominates play throughout the match. It wastes too much in the setting phase, but concedes little or nothing to ... More


University soccer, Team Luiss CBILL draws at home with Link

Scoreless match in the summit clash between Team Luiss CBILL and Link Campus. The final result is 0-0, a sterile draw in the very important challenge of the boys of University Football against Link Campus. The first half begins with the boys of Mister Giovanetti who try to play the charge with some good offensive ... More

University soccer, big 3-2 win for Team Luiss CBILL against Campus Biomedico

Another great victory for the boys of the University Football that impose themselves 3 to 2 away at home of Campus Biomedico. The hosts immediately start strong with an advantage a few minutes from the beginning, but the boys of Coach Roberto Giovannetti do not give up and sign immediately after the goal of 1-1 with ... More


University soccer, victory against European University and first place in the standings

Wednesday, great game of University Football. The team imposes 3-2 on the European University of Rome and takes 1st place in the standings. First half one-way, the boys of coach Giovanetti go several times close to the advantage, but do not finalize. At 34', is the great shot of Filippo Botto to find the net of 1-0. ... More


University Football, the Lumsa imposes us the first defeat of the season

The first defeat arrives for the boys of University Football, stopped at home by Lumsa. The AS Luiss CBILL Team falls with the result of 2-1. At the start, the game does not give great emotions: neither team manages to impose itself clearly on the other. The game is blocked and it's difficult for both teams to reach the ... More


University soccer, outstanding poker at John Cabot

Outstanding game by the boys of University Football, who win 4-0 against John Cabot. Once again, the sprint start of Giovanetti's boys who found the advantage just 15 seconds after the whistle with Filippo Botto. John Cabot tries a reaction, but Lorenzo Stagi takes advantage of a mistake of the opponent's goalkeeper and ... More

College Life

University soccer, first league win against College Life

Great game by the boys of University Football, who impose themselves 3-1 on College Life. The first half starts in the best way, thanks to a goal by Gian Marco Polito after just 3 minutes. College Life directs the pace of the match and goes in search of an equalizer. It finds it at 22' with Lancaster on a free kick from ... More

University soccer, a comeback draw against Sapienza in the first championship game

A lot happens in the first match of the University Championship between Luiss University Football and Sapienza. After the long pause, the team of coach Giovannetti returns to the field and finds a draw. The guests get off to a better start and, despite a torrential rain, they find the advantage on a penalty kick with Di ... More


Selections open for University Football and Male Volleyball teams

On Monday, September 16, the selections for the University Soccer Team opened. The coach Roberto Giovannetti has seen the many boys (more than eighty) who took to the field. The next session will be held tonight at 20:30 at the FutbolCampus in Via del Baiardo. Anyone interested is invited to attend the training sessio... More