College soccer, third consecutive league win for Luiss

  • 12 December 2022

Great victory for the Luiss college soccer team, which notches its third straight victory in the tournament: closing out the Tuesday, Dec. 6 match against Lumsa 4-1.
Coach Giovannetti’s team, with full points, dominates play throughout the match. It wastes too much in the setting phase, but concedes little or nothing to opponents.
The first goal came on the developments of a set kick. It was Francesco Pittalis who opened the scoring with a beautiful header.
Midway through the first half, on a throw that started from the defense, Gian Marco Polito doubles for the hosts. Controlling the ball with his chest, he volleyed a shot under the cross of the posts.
The third goal comes after good movements of play without the ball in the offensive phase. It was Roberto Iademarco who took advantage of the opportunity and surprised the goalkeeper with a great lob.
At the end of the second half, after an excellent percussion of Luiss’ right flanks, it was Matteo Cucuzza who bagged the ball in a favorable position, with the goalkeeper beaten.
The next engagement of the boys will be the rematch of the first day of the tournament, within friendly walls, against the Erasmus formation on Dec. 15.