Luiss Sport Academy

Luiss Sport Academy – LSA allows students-athletes to reconcile a high-profile academic career and sports practice, with the chance of embarking on a top-level path of Dual Career, thanks to the athletic scholarships we offer. In this perspective, AS Luiss wants to enhance the opportunities of playing sports, also by involving as many stakeholders as possible within the Luiss Sport Program. Luiss’ sports program is governed by the following Regulation.



The mission pursued by Luiss Sport Academy is to provide students-athletes guidance in their future academic choices, while also allowing them to perfect athletic skills in their preferred sports discipline. Luiss Sport Academy intends to bring an innovation into Luiss’ environment, which has already distinguished itself by ground-breaking merits not only in Italy: that is the supply of a qualitative and differentiated service, which eases and encourages students to reconcile education and sports.



Using sports as means for education and wellness;

Developing, supporting and encouraging the opportunity of playing sports for all the stakeholders;

Widening the sports education program to all potential students;

Providing foreign students-athletes a “sport desk” of international level;

Fostering the integration of the student-athletes within the Luiss environment.