Luiss Sport for all

To play sports within Luiss, there is no need to be a high-level athlete or be part of the sports teams, since the Luiss Sport for All Project offers a wide range of activities to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. Yoga, Intramural Tournaments, martial arts, tennis courses and outdoor training programs are just some of the numerous activities that go hand in hand with the possibility of taking advantage of the many agreements stipulated with gyms and sports centers adjacent to the university buildings.

Sports schools are open to Luiss students, Alumni, Professor, Luiss administrative staff and Luiss Business School.

AS Luiss Sport Schools:


The only need to practice physical activity is to present the appropriate medical certification.
Below you will find useful information on the centers affiliated with AS Luiss to obtain a sports medical certificate:
Coni – Competitive and non-competitive sports medical certificate: for reservations contact the number 0632729300;

-An agreement is active for Students, Teaching Staff and Administrative Staff that allows them to take advantage of discounted rates on health services, including competitive and non-competitive sports medical certifications, at UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital, located in Viale delle Mura Gianicolensi, 67.

To make reservations: