Ethics and Sports

The Luiss Sports Association is sponsored by the MECS, which promotes the fundamental values of sport: loyalty, fairness, friendship, tolerance and respect for companions, rules and opponents. Sport has for the Sports Association Luiss and MECS an educational, educational and social value of great importance, which must be preserved and developed.

The Project

With the project “Seeds of Ethics”, ACSI (Associazione di Sport Cultura e Tempo Libero), with the precious collaboration of MECS, Movimento per l’Etica, la Cultura e lo Sport, and Lega Pro (Lega Italiana Calcio Professionistico), turns to the Second Level Secondary School (classes I and II years) for the realization of a path of training and reflection conveyed by sport, on ethical principles that govern the daily lives of our children, behaviors and their decision-making processes. All the Schools involved in the initiative are “adopted” by the football clubs of Lega Pro present in their respective cities, and accompanied in the development of an “ethical” path, to be completed with the implementation of educational and sporting activities. After a first phase within the Institute, the project provides for the selection of 4 schools, among all participants, who can access the last phase of the 2018/2019 Eticampionato, whose finals will be held on 18 and 19 May 2019 in Rome, in the beautiful setting of the CPO “Giulio Onesti”.


First Phase (INDOOR)

  1. Running the Ethic Quiz
    With the “Ethic – quiz”, the promoters and organizers propose to urge young people to become aware of the ethical and virtuous behavior to be kept in sport and in life, and the correct environmental choices necessary to safeguard our ecosystem. * For the development and the criteria for calculating the score of ‘Ethic – quiz’ you can consult the appropriate rules on the official page of the project The quiz-test will then be submitted to the classes of the first and second year, on the occasion of an “Ethics Day” chosen independently by each participating school, in order to assess the degree of preparation of students involved.
  2. “Photo Ethics” and “Moment with the team”
    As a second activity during the indoor phase, the football clubs of Lega Pro will participate, with its own member or delegation, in a meeting with the students of the “Institute chosen, during which will be offered a testimony on the fundamental importance of values such as ethics, fair play, legality and solidarity in football and sport. During the day, each Institute will also have to take an “ethical” photo: the shot will represent the students in an original group pose. The snapshot must be accompanied by a claim on the theme of ethics in sport and published on the official Facebook page of the project: ‘The Seeds of Ethics’. This second test will be evaluated by the staff of MECS and will contribute to assigning to each Institute additional points that, added to the results of the “Ethic – quiz”, will thus constitute a final result to be included in the overall ranking. The first 4 Institutes classified at the end of the indoor phase will enter the Second Phase of the project (outdoor phase), which will be held in Rome on 18-19 May 2019.
  3. “Ethics and Sport at School, for a Sustainable Society” (optional activity)
    As a third and final activity, during the indoor phase, in this IV Edition of “Seeds of Ethics” there will be an absolute novelty, in response to the “invitation received from institutions to promote” within schools initiatives aimed at achieving “cultural and ethical experiences of change” towards a model of sustainable development. Each class participating in the project (I and II years) must design and implement in PDF (max 4 pages) an initiative aimed at promoting ethics at school through sport, for the dissemination of those fundamental values in the field and in life such as loyalty, fairness, friendship, tolerance and respect for companions, rules and opponents. The theme of the project will be: “Ethics & Sport at school, for a sustainable society”. Once finished, each participating class will have to transmit it to its teacher referent for the “Seeds of Ethics”, who will be called to choose which of all the projects will be sent to the MECS Staff to represent their Institute. This activity, although optional, if completed, will allow each Institute to obtain a considerable bonus score in the ranking at the end of the First Indoor Phase of “Seeds of Ethics”. Please note that only the first 4 Institutes at the end of the indoor activities will be able to access the final phase of the project. Moreover, as an additional incentive, the most interesting and original project will be selected by the MECS Staff for a future realization together with the “Institute proposing.

* The deadline for the completion of the activities foreseen in the First Phase (indoor) of “Seeds of Ethics” is set for March 11, 2019.

Second Phase (OUTDOOR)


The 4 schools that will enter the Final Phase must be represented by a delegation of 10 members, composed as follows:

  • 2 accompanying persons, of which at least one is a reference teacher for the school;
  • 8 players (6 boys and 2 girls), who will have the honor of representing their school, thus going to form the “National” of their school.

The delegations of the schools present in Rome for the Final Phase will be guaranteed a bonus including travel expenses, plus board and lodging at the facilities affiliated to the project. Finally, the tour that will take place inomas will be structured in semifinals and final. In this way, the winning team of the “ETHICAMPIONATE 2018/2019” will be decreed.

In addition to the sports side, on the occasion of the final phase at theCPO “Giulio Onesti”, there will also be a part of the seminar activities, with a lesson on the theme of ethical values and the holding of a quiz test “ethical” score. The Institutes that win, on the one hand, the 5-a-side Football Tournament and, on the other hand, the ‘ethical’ quiz test, will receive a coupon of Euro 300.00 for the purchase of sports and educational materials.


The 4th Edition of “Seeds of Ethics” will have two active and dynamic communication channels:

the official website of the project, where you can find, within the dedicated sections, photos, results, events and activities of the project “Seeds of Ethics”, as well as the platform containing the “Ethic – quiz”;
the official Facebook page of “Seeds of Ethics”, on which will be carried out constant promotion activities and updates about the developments of the project. On the same, moreover, there will be the publication of the ethical photos of the participants, and the activation of posts of discussion and comparison.


In this period of strong socio-cultural changes, our country wants to start from the essence of the value of ethics, understood as a moral principle for social growth. The ethical cornerstones on which the sport rests are loyalty, fairness, friendship, tolerance, respect for comrades, rules and opponents. Education, through sports activities, therefore has a value of great importance, which must be preserved and developed. Sport is part of this discourse because in recent years, as a result of profound changes, from a simple phenomenon of social aggregation has become a hub of everyday life, changing its role in contemporary society. In this scenario, the implementation of educational projects, which make culture the real winning “horse”, must draw a line to follow, an ethical path that manages to shift the axis of training from quantity to quality. Therefore, the project “Seeds of Ethics”, thanks to the commitment of the promoters, organizers and partners involved, wants to recognize sport, not as a mere spectacle, but as an instrument of education and as an opportunity for authentic and complete growth so that it becomes a gym, as well as athletic talent, values and exercise of virtue.