federico forestieri

Cycling, Federico Forestieri stands out at the Orosei Cyclocross

On Sunday 12 February 2023, our Federico Forestieri, from the Luiss Cycling team, took part in the Cyclocross race in the city of Orosei. In a unique location, the student athlete faced a course divided in half, partly technically demanding and partly physically demanding. After a bad start and a crash in the initial ... More


Cycling, Team Luiss BMW boys on the podium at the Anagni Gran Fondo

The Anagni Gran Fondo, the third round of the Pedalatium circuit, was held on Sunday, May 29, 2022. There were two routes that athletes could choose to take: a Gran Fondo route of 125 km with over 2000 meters of elevation gain and a Medio Fondo route of 107 km with 1500 meters of elevation gain. Taking part in the ... More

Cycling, Luiss BMW Roma team takes good positions in Cassino in Pedalatium circuit

On Sunday, May 8, the Luiss BMW Roma cycling team took part in the Cassino Gran Fondo competition. The course, a total of 108 km with 1,800 meters of elevation gain, put the boys to the test, especially due to the day characterized by strong gusts of wind. Participating for the Luiss BMW Roma team were Nunzio Muratore, ... More

Cycling, Elena Serangeli of Team Luiss BMW Rome arrives second at the Gran Fondo Strade Rosa

The Gran Fondo Strade Rosa is the cycling race reserved only for women held on Monday, April 25, in Sabina, in the town of Castelnuovo di Farfa, on a path of about 90 km and 1500 meters of elevation gain. The participation was very high: despite the uncertain weather, young women cyclists from all over Italy came to ... More


Cycling, Team Luiss BMW conquers good positions in the first test of Pedalatium

Sunday, March 27 was held the Gran Fondo of Fara in Sabina, the first test of the circuit Pedalatium for the Team Cycling Luiss BMW. The circuit will see our athletes involved in 8 races from now until the end of September. To participate to the competition have been our Elena Serangeli and Nunzio Muratore, with the ... More

Elena Serangeli

Cycling, Elena Serangeli takes an important third place at the Gran Fondo of Siena

The Gran Fondo was held Sunday, March 6 in Siena, the Luiss Cycling BMW team was attended by the athlete Elena Serangeli. The route was articulated between the hills of Siena for a total of 86 km and 1400 meters of elevation gain. The peculiarity and difficulty of this race was the passage on unpaved stretches, the ... More


Team Biking Luiss BMW, yet another victory of Serangeli in San Polo

Last weekend, Team Biking Luiss BMW participated in the Gran Fondo "La Medievale" in San Polo. In the first race, a 4 km uphill time trial, Elena Serangeli got the second place overall and first in her category. Our student was thus awarded the jersey of regional champion. The second race, on the other hand, started ... More


Team Ciclismo BMW Luiss, first place for Elena Serangeli in the Gran Fondo of Fara in Sabina

Sunday, October 24, Team Ciclismo BMW Luiss participated in the Gran Fondo of Fara in Sabina. The race was divided into a path of 112 km on 1,900 meters of elevation gain, with continuous ups and downs, characteristic of the territory of Sabina. Our Elena Serangeli has also this time reached an excellent position: first ... More


Elena Serangeli of Team Ciclismo Luiss BMW is the champion of the Lazio region

A Sunday of applause for Elena Serangeli of Team Ciclismo Luiss BMW. Our student-athlete participated in the Gran Fondo del Terminillo, taking first place in her category. In the 90 km road race with 2,200 meters of elevation gain, Elena was crowned champion of the Lazio region. Next appointment on October 17, for ... More

Gran Fondo

Cycling, excellent proof of Team AS Luiss BMW in the Gran Fondo Città dell’Aquila

On Sunday, the AS Luiss BMW Cycling Team participated in the Gran Fondo Città dell'Aquila. The road race of the Pedalatium circuit included a route of 95 km, with 1,500 meters of elevation gain. Among the mountains of Abruzzo, our athlete Nunzio Muratore arrived 14th in his category, with a time of 2 hours and 49 ... More