Cycling, Elena Serangeli takes an important third place at the Gran Fondo of Siena

  • 18 March 2022

The Gran Fondo was held Sunday, March 6 in Siena, the Luiss Cycling BMW team was attended by the athlete Elena Serangeli.

The route was articulated between the hills of Siena for a total of 86 km and 1400 meters of elevation gain. The peculiarity and difficulty of this race was the passage on unpaved stretches, the famous “white roads”, which represent a criticality for the wheels of road bikes.

The dirt roads represented a great difficulty for our Elena, not so much for the terrain as for the slopes that were around 18%, putting a strain on her legs.

This fatigue was felt by Elena a few meters from the end of the competition but, thanks to a lot of grit, our athlete was able to beat the other women in the group in the sprint.

She won the third place in the Women EWS category: a very good result considering the large number of participants from all over the world.

Congratulations Elena, we are proud of you!