Regional Juniors Football

The Luiss Sports Association aims to use the practice of sport to increase the psychophysical well-being of young students and to transfer ethical and moral values of sport, implementing socialization, social integration, respect for the rules and fair play.

For these reasons, the 2019/2020 football season was the inaugural season for the AS Luiss Regional Juniores Football Team.

The goal in the medium to long term is to create a highly trained youth nursery for football technique and the transmission of ethical and moral values socializing and integration.


Training days and times


Monday 19:30
Wednesday 18:00
Friday 19:30

How to join the Luiss Regional Juniors Football Team

Students will be allowed to participate in the “Regional Juniores” team of the Luiss Sports Association after a technical selection, following the registration to the Luiss Summer School, necessary to be framed as students, ex art. 4 of the Luiss Sport Program Regulations.