Mode and timing

Application for the assignment of the scholarship
The status of student-athlete and the subsequent inclusion in one of the reference categories provided for by art. 4 of the Luiss Sport Program, only takes place upon receipt of the confirmation email from the Luiss Sport Office. At the end of the procedure it will be possible to access the support services foreseen by the art. 8 of LSP, included in the Luiss Sport Academy project.

The scholarship application is consequential to the enrollment in the Luiss Sport Program – LSP program. The deadline for the award of the scholarship for sporting merits is March 5th of each academic year.
Extension of the decision to award the Top Athletes scholarship
Luiss Sport Academy – LSA Commission meets to deliberate the awarding of scholarships definitively, no later than July 15 of each academic year. The extension of this deadline refers, in particular, to the student-athletes identified in Luiss Top Athletes category, for which it could be foreseen according to Luiss Sport Program Regulation, “also the possible supernumerary of the candidate for the chosen Luiss Guido Carli course.