Luiss Roma

Serie B basketball, setback for Luiss Roma in Roseto

After 7 consecutive victories, Luiss Roma's winning streak at Roseto's home ends on Sunday 29 January. The match ends with the score of 89-73. Game without history that Roseto already closes in the first half. Luiss, after the defeat in Rieti on Thursday in the Italian Cup, still shows up in Roseto without its playmaker ... More

Basketball B league, Luiss Roma beats Salerno and flies in the standings

Another victory for Luiss Roma who, after the two great winning runs in Ruvo and Caserta, also rule Salerno 84-73 on Sunday 22 January. The university team thus rises in the standings to 26 and proves to be the team in the best form in the whole of Serie B. Luiss led by Legnini and Pasqualin got off to a great start on ... More

B league basketball, Luiss Roma also wins in Caserta

Luiss proves to be the team in the best shape of the championship by winning on Sunday 15 January in Caserta 72-81 and finishing second in the standings. Pasqualin and his companions will then play the quarter-finals of the Coppa Italia against Rieti next week. The game that Paccariè's boys lead in the fiery Pala Piccolo ... More

B league basketball, the feat of Luiss Roma that clears Ruvo

On Wednesday 11 January, Luiss Roma moved to the home of first-placed Ruvo di Puglia and won 77-85, after a battle that ended in extra time. Thus the university team flies by itself to second in the standings behind Ruvo. Coach Paccariè's boys chase the leaders throughout the match and equalize in a handful of seconds, ... More


Serie B basketball, Luiss Roma beats Taranto and rises in the standings

On Sunday 8 January, Luiss Roma opens 2023 with a hard-earned 76-65 victory against Taranto and flies to 20 points in the standings. It is second together with other teams. On Wednesday 11 January he will recover the December match away from the leaders, Ruvo di Puglia. Taranto shows up strong and runs away with a mini ... More

B league basketball, Luiss Roma signs feat at Sant’Antimo and closes out 2022 on a high note

A heroic victory, a victory that tastes stronger, more intense than the others. On Sunday, Dec. 18, Luiss Roma plays a game that promotes it to a top team. Paccariè's boys routed the undefeated Sant'Antimo court 82-85 and climbed to third place. Luiss, deprived of its point guard Pasqualin who remained in Rome with the ... More

Luiss Roma

B league basketball, Luiss Roma wins over Pozzuoli and celebrates Pasqualin’s 1,000 points

On Sunday, Dec. 11, Luiss Roma beats Pozzuoli 99-82 at home, honors Pasqualin's 1,000 points in a Luiss jersey and flies to 16 points in the standings. Paccariè's team starts off on the right foot right away, placing two triples with Pasqualin and Fallucca and making it clear that they do not want to risk anything in the ... More

Luiss Roma

B league basketball, Luiss Roma wins in the last minute over Avellino

On Sunday, Dec. 4, Luiss Roma played a great match: despite suffering on the court, it eventually got the better of Avellino 74-67 and climbed to 14 points in the standings behind Ruvo di Puglia and Caserta. Paccariè's boys start badly, still feeling the bitterness of the Cassino defeat, but they come to their senses and ... More

Basket Serie B, la Luiss vola a Jesi e sale a quota 26

B-series basketball, Luiss Roma ends season by winning salvation

Luiss Roma's season in Serie B ends, and despite the defeat in Rimini, Paccariè's boys come out with a half-smile for the great finish and the mathematical salvation conquered with two days to go. There was hardly a game: Rimini, which finished third in the standings, won 84-66. Already in the first half the hosts put ... More

Basket serie B, la Luiss BNL cede contro Senigallia

Basketball series B, the Luiss BNL yields against Senigallia

The Luiss BNL loses with honor against Senigallia 70-73: the university team plays an epic game, fighting with all its might, but then gives up in the final seconds. Senigallia's guest team starts off strong, not wanting to risk anything and hoping to extinguish ours' ambitions. In fact, it manages to close the first ... More