Basket Serie B, la Luiss vola a Jesi e sale a quota 26

B-series basketball, Luiss Roma ends season by winning salvation

Luiss Roma's season in Serie B ends, and despite the defeat in Rimini, Paccariè's boys come out with a half-smile for the great finish and the mathematical salvation conquered with two days to go. There was hardly a game: Rimini, which finished third in the standings, won 84-66. Already in the first half the hosts put ... More

Basket serie B, la Luiss BNL cede contro Senigallia

Basketball series B, the Luiss BNL yields against Senigallia

The Luiss BNL loses with honor against Senigallia 70-73: the university team plays an epic game, fighting with all its might, but then gives up in the final seconds. Senigallia's guest team starts off strong, not wanting to risk anything and hoping to extinguish ours' ambitions. In fact, it manages to close the first ... More

Basket Serie B, Marco Pasqualin: the last dance

Basketball Serie B, Marco Pasqualin: the last dance

Two seasons and a half lived at full throttle, the last one even as captain and leader of the people: the roads of Luiss and Marco Pasqualin at the end of the season will be divided. No news really, the point guard class 1997 has finished his studies (a Master's Degree achieved with honors) and at the end of these two ... More

Luiss BNL

Basketball B, the Luiss BNL stende Giulianova 86-64

Fourth consecutive victory for the Luiss BNL that closes the games against Giulianova already at the end of the first half with a final score of 86-64. The Luiss in the last month grinds the game and does it having fun. First quarter Pasqualin and his teammates play from memory. The ball turns quickly between the five of ... More

Basket Serie B, la Luiss vola a Jesi e sale a quota 26

Basketball Serie B, Luiss flies to Jesi

Another round, another victory for the Basket Serie B team. The boys of Paccariè, continue their excellent moment of form and pass at home of Jesi with great merit and without too much pain: final score 71-99. Fundamental points those conquered by Luiss that rises to 26 points and is always closer to direct salvation... More

Basket Serie B vince a Civitanova

Basketball Serie B, the Luiss BNL wins in Civitanova

On Sunday, April 3, the Luiss BNL boys play an excellent game, dominating the match that sees them victorious 95-68 against Civitanova. Di Bonaventura's triple opened the game, the first of an incredible series. Barbon and Di Bonaventura's points follow. Luiss plays so well that Civitanova struggles to take countermeas... More

Basket serie B, la Luiss BNL vince ad Ancona

Basketball B series, Luiss BNL wins 56-69 against Ancona

Great ride for the Luiss Basket Serie B BNL that lead the race since the two-ball. The boys of Paccarié dominate the match in offense and defense, playing with great authority on the difficult field of Ancona. Final score 56-69. The Universities start well right away, finding the way to the basket with regularity, ... More

Basket Serie B, il Team Luiss BNL vince sul Teramo

Basketball Serie B, Team Luiss BNL wins 64-59 over Teramo

The boys of Basketball Series B, after a tiring start, take measures and deservedly beat Teramo 64-59. The team still climbs in the standings with 18 points. After a not very gritty start, Paccariè motivates the team that prepares to face the second quarter more aggressively. Pasqualin and his teammates go up to ... More

Faenza, parquet, basket

Basketball Series B, after two consecutive victories Luiss is defeated in Faenza

After two excellent victories in a row, Basket Serie B is unable to confirm its victory and, due to a blackout in the third quarter, is defeated in Faenza 86-63. Good start for Paccariè's team that, pushed by the triples of Murri and D'Argenzio, leads 11-13. The first quarter ends in a great balance, 17 even. The game ... More

Luiss, Basket, B

Basketball Series B, the Luiss beats Montegranaro

Exciting and balanced game until the end the one won by Luiss in Montegranaro after an overtime 92-91. Despite the absence of Barbon and Di Bonaventura, the team didn't lose its bearings thanks to Pasqualin and D'Argenzio who scored 24 points in 26 minutes despite an injury that seemed to cut him off. Good performa... More