Serie B basketball, Luiss Roma conquers A2

  • 18 July 2023

There are no words to tell the feat that Luiss has accomplished, but we can say that it enters basketball history by becoming the first all-university team to achieve promotion to Serie A2.
We have witnessed many heart-pounding basketball matches and last-second overthrows, but we have never seen anything so exciting in these 3 days in Ferrara.
Luiss, against all odds, beat Rieti in the first match with a 10-0 run in the final minutes. The day after, down by 18 points with 7 minutes to go, he takes Vigevano to extra time (with an unreal Fallucca and then MVP of the finals) and wins by dominating. On Sunday against the Orzinuovi squadron, and with the mockery of being able to leave first in the standings, he plays a game beyond all limits, suffering and putting his heart into all the plays. An epic ride by Luiss who played 3 exceptional games against everything and against everyone and conquered the A2 series.
The word destiny is often abused, but this time it fully tells what these incredible boys and their commendable coach have accomplished in this fantastic season, dominated by an always enlightened game. Everyone complimented Luiss during the year, but then in the end no one believed that they could go on to win the final four against 3 very strong teams.

This team, its coach Andrea Paccariè, all the technical staff, the management, the president Abete, the fans in tow could not lose. They couldn’t because they were never afraid, neither in game 5 against Fabriano, nor down by 18 against Vigevano and nor when Orzinuovi pushed up to +10, never, not even for a second, did anyone ever think of losing.

Luiss wins it by starting game three with peremptory nastiness, with super three percentages and with the right mentality of playing to win and not on the score. He wins it with the area that had also harnessed Rieti and Vigevano, he wins it when under 10 he is not afraid to attack the iron, he wins it as a team as he has always won.

Great guys, so you go right into history.