Top Athlete

First place in the Italian black belt ranking for Top Athlete Nicola Castellano

Congratulations to our Luiss Top Athlete Nicola Castellano for his extraordinary victory in the Italian UIJJ championship and for reaching the first place in the Italian black belt ranking. It is truly an outstanding achievement and demonstrates his talent, commitment and determination in the world of martial arts. This ... More

Basket serie B

Serie B basketball, Luiss Roma beats Fabriano in game 1

Sunday 28 May the final between Luiss Basket Serie B and Fabriano begins in an exciting and spectacular way. The two teams play intense basketball and in the final the technical rate rises again. Luiss wins and, when it seems all is over, with a triple from Jovovic that is printed on the iron, and the ball in Fabriano's ... More


Serie B basketball, Luiss is preparing for the playoff finals against Fabriano

The series against Fabriano will begin on Sunday 28 May at 18:30 at the PalaLuiss. Objective Ferrara, where the last grouping will take place in which it will be decided which teams will land in the next A2 championship. The match against Fabriano will be played in the best of 5 games and promises to be very balanced. The ... More


Tennis, the Luiss BMW Rome Men’s Team will face the Casalpalocco Junior Tennis Club in the Playoffs

After the 5 games of the group stage of the Lazio Serie D1 Championship closed with full points, the Luiss BMW Roma Men's Tennis Team is expected for the Playoff final to conquer Serie C. The opponent will be the Casalpalocco Junior Tennis Club, and the match will be held on Sunday 28 May, at 09:00, at the J.T. Casalp... More


Serie B basketball, Luiss Roma beats Ozzano and flies to the final

After the defeat in game 3, the basketball series B boys of Paccariè are called to the litmus test. An important and delicate match to demonstrate strength and avoid game 5. After Ozzano's initial sprint, Luiss begins to preach her basketball, plays a perfect team game, increases in intensity and beats her opponent ... More

Basket serie D

Serie D basketball, Luiss wins game 2 of the Playoffs against Città Futura

The Luiss Basket Serie D team won game 2 of the Playoff semifinal against Città Futura, played on May 17th. After the demanding but successful championship matches, the team found itself facing the first serious difficulty of the season: following the defeat in Game 1 against Città Futura at the opposing home, the team ... More

Basket serie B

Serie B basketball, Luiss Roma goes 2-0 against Ozzano

A match fought at a high pace like match 1 that on May 16th sees Luiss Roma Basket Serie B against Ozzano. Our boys, with Jovovic, Allodi and Fallucca, fly to +10, while Ozzano doesn't give up, on the contrary he goes up to +5. It is Murri, with 5 consecutive points, who takes Paccariè's boys up 2-0. Ozzano still ... More


Tennis, the Luiss BMW Rome Men’s Team in the Playoffs

The Luiss Tennis BMW Roma Men's Team, coached by Andrea Pelliccione, also wins the last match of the group, thus conquering the first position in a dominant way and directly qualifying for the second round of the playoffs. The team, made up of Trippetti, Russo, Paduano and Losito, prevailed with a score of 4-2. Russo ... More

Basket serie B

Serie B basketball, Luiss Roma beats Ozzano

On Sunday 14 May Luiss Roma Basket Serie B starts slowly, feeling the pressure of being seeded N1: in the first quarter they suffer the solidity of Ozzano, the revelation team of group C. Slowly the intensity of the game of the boys from Paccariè rises, the offensive plays increased and, thanks to the triples by Fallucca ... More


Serie B basketball, Luiss Roma in the Playoffs for access to the A2 Championship

After a group dominated and finished first in the Serie B standings, our Basketball Luiss Roma team is ready to face, for the first time in history, the Playoffs for access to next year's A2 Championship. We wanted to wish all the team and staff good luck for this important season finale: it starts on Sunday 14 May. ... More