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The athletes of Team Rugby, led by Coach Granatelli and Team Managers Vincenzo Napoli, Francesco Damone and Ruggero Graziani, have started training to participate in the C2 Series Federal Championship, which will start at the end of November.

The training ground will be the Giulio Onesti Olympic Preparation Center, a historical place for the Capitoline rugby. During this season, AS Luiss will hold two weekly training sessions in the CPO and the championship matches on Sunday at 12:00.

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Coach: Giampietro Granatelli
Team Manager: Vincenzo Napoli, Francesco Damone, Ruggero Graziani

Training day

The rugby team trains at the CPO Giulio Onesti (Centro di Preparazione Olimpica), in the following days:

  • Monday 19.00 – 21.00
  • Thursday 19.00 – 21.00

Wanna join the team?

If you want to join the team send an email to

In the subject specify the sport you want and attached a short sports curriculum.

You will be contacted by the Luiss Sport Office or directly by the Team Manager of the team.