Mens sana in corpore sano: Probios is the new Official Sponsor of the Volleyball Team and Luiss Sport Lab

Luiss Sport Association and Probios SpA, a leading company in Italy in the distribution of organic food, are pleased to announce their collaboration. The partnership is born with the aim of developing research protocols that, through a diet based on organic food, aim to improve the Sports Performance and, more generally, ... More


Male Volleyball, convincing victory at the PalaLuiss against Ascor

The boys of Men's Volleyball return to victory: 3-1 against the Ascor within the friendly walls of the PalaLuiss. The match seems to be downhill after the first two one-way partials, in which our volleyball players express their game at their best. A drop in concentration, however, risks costing us dearly: the guests ... More


Selections open for University Football and Male Volleyball teams

On Monday, September 16, the selections for the University Soccer Team opened. The coach Roberto Giovannetti has seen the many boys (more than eighty) who took to the field. The next session will be held tonight at 20:30 at the FutbolCampus in Via del Baiardo. Anyone interested is invited to attend the training sessio... More

Serie D

Male Volley, triumph and glory: promotion to D league is now a reality

We did it: promotion to the D League is a reality! Floris serves Tofoli, who gives a super ball to Frassinetto, who - without an opponent's wall - crashes to the ground. Accompanying him, a deafening cheer that didn't leave us even a minute. We had promised it: we wanted to win and there was no doubt that it would be ... More


Male volleyball at the end of the road: tonight on the pitch for the playoff final

The boys of Male Volley are ready for the playoff final: tonight's match against Victoria Volley will be the most important match of the season. There won't be a second chance, it's a game from inside or outside. Tension and concentration are the main factors, but the desire to win is a lot. As Team Manager Francesco ... More


Male Volley, victorious debut in the playoffs against Roman Volley

The first playoff match ends 3-2 against Roman Volley. A game that seemed to be downhill, given the initial 2-0, but that was complicated from the third set. A physical drop, in fact, allowed the opponents to recover. The home team was the protagonist of a good recovery and made us sweat more than we should. The third ... More


Male Volley, beaten Ascor and second armoured position

The regular season of the First Men's Division ends with a nice 3-0 against Ascor. The last one in the standings had nothing to say, while our boys were good and focused. These are the game partials: 11-25; 20-25; 14-25. The championship ends with the dream of direct promotion that was about to come true. Almost at ... More

Green Volley

Male volleyball, against Green Volley is a walk in the park

Everything is easy for our boys against Green Volley: home win 3-0 and shortened ranking. The guests tried until the end, but nothing could be done against the white-blue army. The race was an opportunity for coach Narduzzi to let everyone play and try some schemes. Those called in were good at not underestimating the ... More

Gsdp Zagarolo

Male Volley, net victory against Gsdp Zagarolo

After the applause victory against Monterotondo, another important success comes: 3-0 over Gsdp Zagarolo. For the boys of coach Narduzzi this is the fifth consecutive triumph, when there are two days to go before the end of the championship. A game controlled far and wide by ours, also thanks to the beating ace of ... More


Male Volley, applause victory against Monterotondo

In the most exciting match of the season, our guys beat Monterotondo 3-2. The first leg was a total defeat: we lost without having shown our qualities, suffering the return after the winter break. Yesterday, however, we played at home and within the home hardly miss the game. In fact, a triumph has arrived that gives ... More