Basket Serie B performs another feat. 86-94 in extra time and the A2 is approaching

  • 18 June 2023

Incredible, unbelievable: Luiss Roma rises from -18 eight minutes from the end and wins in extra time against Vigevano. A crazy, fantastic, incredible game by coach Paccariè’s boys who prove to be a great group: the final 86-94 after extra time, with the partial of the last 13 minutes reciting 13-40. A Luiss led by Matteo Fallucca, author of a monstrous performance of 35 points. And now Luiss has one foot in Serie A2, it will depend on the result of Orzinuovi-Rieti.

Vigevano is pushed by a thousand fans, but at the start of the match the match is balanced: six points in a row at the opening of Allodi for the Capitoline boys, then Fallucca puts in the first bomb from ten meters for the 13-14 in minute four. The Gialloblù are in a big night and score from three repeatedly, escaping on several occasions to +8 thanks to D’Alessandro and Laudoni.

In the second period, the Lombards extend to +10, (30-20 in the 11th minute and 39-30 in the fifteenth minute) with Luiss always forced to catch up. Murri tries with a floater, Jovovic served by D’Argenzio, and then Di Bonaventura glacial from the charity line to put back two possessions away between the two teams (39-33). Luiss makes the maximum effort to return and remains a couple of baskets away, with the first half ending with Legnini and his companions down by seven lengths thanks to the away shot from the Roman winger: 51-44.

Upon returning from the changing rooms, there is only Vigevano who places a sensational 13-0 partial which brings Luiss down by several points, with the yellow and blues on the wings of enthusiasm pushed by a clamorous audience for the category. Luiss goes down by 18 points when there are eight minutes left in the game, which suddenly changes: coach Paccariè’s university players climb back up, basket after basket, thanks to triples from Fallucca (8 at the end of the game), Pasqualin and a triple fundamental Di Bonaventure. Benites is not there and supports the coast to coast of 79-74 with less than three minutes left. finished? Never, because Fallucca scores a sci-fi triple from the top of the key and repeats himself on the next possession: 80-80 and Luiss timeout. There are about four seconds to go, but D’Argenzio fouls in attack and it goes into overtime.

The inertia has already changed and in extra time there are only the blue and whites: Murri scores from an offensive rebound, Fallucca converts four free throws and Jovovic launches the final sprint with the basket and foul. Vigevano no longer has any, Luiss performs another feat. It is a victory that is the mirror of the season, of a group that started away from the spotlight, and which training after training built a terrific season: first in the regular season, unbeaten in this Poule Promozione and one step away from Serie A A. Oh, and let’s not forget that these guys are all student athletes.