Luiss Roma accomplished the feat and beat Sebastiani Rieti in Game 1 of the Serie B Finals

  • 18 June 2023

It’s the law of large numbers, first then it had to happen: it happened in the most important moment of the season. Luiss Roma beats Sebastiani Rieti in the photo finish, and for the first time in its twenty-five year history, achieving a real feat. Coach Paccariè’s terrible boys win 69-65 who lost 54-47 in the 32nd minute, then a super partial led by Pasqualin, Jovovic and Murri who led the capitolini to victory.

It starts at a high pace, but neither team manages to find the retina and therefore for the three minutes it seems like a football match (0-0), Luiss builds her good shots but is unable to score them and unlocks herself with the Barbon bomb for 4-4. D’Argenzio sets up on his own scoring two baskets up close, but Rieti closes the first set ahead 13-12.

At the opening of the second set Fallucca scores four points all in one go, D’Argenzio gets Mazzotti drunk first by leaning on the glass and two actions later Chinellato jumps by blowing up the Luiss segment for 17-23 in minute sixteen. Sebastiani struggles to find the basket, but makes up for it with a partial from Bushati and Tomasini, with the game tied at 25-25. Balance reigns at the interval due to two bloody losses made by Di Bonaventura and Pasqualin with the Rieti players ahead by one point, 31-30.

Returning from the locker room, Rieti is more energetic than the team seen in the first twenty minutes, but Legnini finds a triple from D’Argenzio’s delivery, but then Bushati scores five points all in a row and Sebastiani is ahead by one possession in minute twenty-eight . Murri and D’Argenzio take care of it with two one-on-one to bring Luiss back down: 46-45 when entering the last part of the game.

It is here that the game takes place: Tomasini and Mazzotti find some incredible triples, making the opponents escape on 54-47 with only seven minutes left. At this moment, Luiss is turning the knob to “on a mission”: Pasqualin scores a very difficult triple, Allodi scores his first field goal. Rieti in complete confusion, first Jovovic took advantage of it, then again Pasqualin from long distance and again the Montenegrin with another conclusion in the paint. The partial is unbelievable: 3-14, with Luiss ahead 57-61. Murri sealed the victory with a fantastic triple for +8 one minute from the end, blowing up the whole arena. Rieti tries the last effort, but never manages to get back under the two possessions disadvantage.

Today at 18 the match against Vigevano who beat Orzinuovi in the first match of the National Concentration.