Serie B basketball, Luiss Roma beats Fabriano and goes to the finals

  • 12 June 2023

On Wednesday 7 June, Luiss Basket Serie B plays a masterful game in a packed and fiery Palaluiss and deservedly wins 71-69, after leading the game for the full 40 minutes.

Fabriano comes out with his head held high in a confrontation with a thousand emotions, in which Paccariè’s rotations prove to be decisive against Stanic and his teammates.
An incredible match, a real game 5 that ends only at the siren and which is still open just one second from the end.
Luiss starts very strong thanks to an inspired Pasqualin who signs a first break of 7-2, shoots well even from distance and first Allodi and then Fallucca score for 14-7.
Centanni and Stanic struggle to find the basket because the marking of the university students is suffocating. The referees whistle little and Mimmo D’Argenzio begins to warm up with a basket and a foul for 20-9. A triple from Murri explodes the Palaluiss. We are 26-11.
Fabriano is in shock, but Papa doesn’t stop fighting and scoring, while the guests with offensive rebounds remain in the slipstream. Fabriano pushes, but Allodi scores important baskets.
Centanni replies to a triple from Legnini for 35-25. Then another triple from Mimmo for 39-29. The fourth ends with a brushstroke from Stanic from a long distance for 41-34.

Jovovic supports the opening 43-34.
Defenses grow and percentages drop. Perotti’s stop on a Centanni counterattack ignites the game.
Mimmo and Pasqualin dominate in the middle of the field and Luiss escapes 56-48.
Mimmo is unstoppable, but Fabriano still dominates in rebounds and Fall scores important points reaching 60-55. With Jovovic, Luiss resumes imposing her game and flies 64-55.
But the game still wants to give emotions. Fall brings Fabriano back to one possession. Silent as few times is the moment of Matteo Falluca who shoots two important triples and makes his audience explode.
Stanic doesn’t give up and with a triple he remains on one possession, Fallucca misses from the line when, however, with 1 second to go the free throw is captured by the Luiss boys.
Now everyone in Ferrara for the Finals from 16 to 18 June.
The Serie B Old Wild West 2023 Finals will be played in Ferrara from 16-18 June and pit the winners of the four Playoff Tables against each other in an Italian group. The top two teams in the Finals standings are promoted to Serie A2 for the 2023/24 season.

Giuseppe Bondi Arena Calendar
1st day – Friday 16 June 18.00 – Elachem Vigevano 1955 (winner of Table 1) – Agribertocchi Orzinuovi (winner of Table 2) 20.30 – Real Sebastiani Rieti (winner of Table 3) – LUISS Rome (winner of Table 4)
2nd day – Saturday 17 June 18.00 – winner of match A day 1 (Vigevano/Orzinuovi) – winner of match B day 1 (Real Sebastiani Rieti/Luiss Roma) 20.30 – loser of match A day 1 (Vigevano/Orzinuovi) – loser of match B matchday 1 (Real Sebastiani Rieti/Luiss Roma)
3rd day – Sunday 18 June 4.30 pm – winner of match A day 1 (Vigevano/Orzinuovi) – loser of match B day 1 (Real Sebastiani Rieti/Luiss Roma) 7.00 pm – winner of match B day 1 (Real Sebastiani Rieti/Luiss Roma) – loser of match A day 1 (Vigevano/Orzinuovi)