Serie B basketball, Luiss Roma beats Fabriano in game 1

  • 29 May 2023

Sunday 28 May the final between Luiss Basket Serie B and Fabriano begins in an exciting and spectacular way. The two teams play intense basketball and in the final the technical rate rises again. Luiss wins and, when it seems all is over, with a triple from Jovovic that is printed on the iron, and the ball in Fabriano’s hand, just 2 minutes from the end, on 72-76 for the guests, Pasqualin comes into play and Palaluiss explodes. In the next action Luiss defends strongly and forces Fabriano to shoot from beyond the arc and again Pasqualin punches the defense and supports the 77-76. On the throw-in Fabriano is in confusion, Murri defends strongly and steals the ball for the Luiss 79-76 victory.
Luiss starts very strong and flies 11-6 with Barbon’s third triple in 3 minutes. Fabriano plays his basketball and relies heavily on Papa, who will finish with 25 points. Mimmo D’Argenzio enters and propitiates a dry 5-0: Luiss is above 21-17. Legnini, who returns after a small stop, scores the triple for 26-19. However, Fabriano proves to be a compact team and doesn’t want to let Luiss escape: they thus return with two triples from Centanni that burn the retina. The away team takes courage and confidence, reaching a break at 10-0.
Paccarie isn’t happy: he calls his friends and lines up the quintet with two little ones. He immediately receives its fruits with two triples from Mimmo and Pasqualin that mark the overtaking of Luiss for 40-39.
We go to the break with Fabriano ahead 41-42.
In the third quarter, Luiss got off to a bad start, thanks also to Fabriano who defended with great intensity and grabbed many second rebounds. Guests fly on 43-52. Fallucca is unlocked with the triple of 48-53. Allodi fights, makes a mistake, but in the end scores 50-55 from below. Fabriano seems in control, but Luiss manages to keep a distance even from the many mistakes made by the guests. The last quarter starts again from Fabriano +5: 54-59. Luiss responds decisively and Palaluiss accompanies their players: we reach 59-59 with a triple from Mimmo. Centanni answers and then Jovovic shortens to 62-66. It’s a beautiful battle, there’s a lot of tension, but also a lot of sportsmanship on the pitch.
When Murri overtook on 72-71, Fabriano responded immediately with a great triple from Stanic and a beautiful basket from Centanni for 72-76. The match is in the hands of the opponents, but Pasqualin, in a competitive trance, takes game 1.