University football, Luiss wins the Championship Final against Foro Italico

  • 17 April 2023

It is 12:47 on Saturday 15 April and Mister Giovannetti’s Luiss Calcio Universitario, after 6 years, is once again Champion of the Rome University Tournament, thanks to a 2-1 victory over the Foro Italico.

In the setting of the final at Dabliu Eur, there are many Luiss supporters to support the team from start to finish and the field is in excellent condition despite the incessant rain.
The first half ended goalless with the teams studying, respecting and not daring. Two chances for the hole thwarted by the good reflexes of number 1 Barbato. For ours, the only opportunities arise from Montanari’s set pieces to trigger the defense towers: Gatti, Somma and Stagi.
In the second half the music changes and Luiss enters with something extra. In the 48th minute, captain Montanari recovers a ball in midfield, serves Polito vertically who starts in progression on the right. He puts in a cross in the center which, fouled by an opponent, returns to the captain’s feet to throw the ball into the net: it’s 0-1.
Luiss continues to attack and in the 55th minute, on an uncertainty from the Foro Italico defence, Tamba pounces on the ball forcing the goalkeeper to make a makeshift postponement. The ball ends up on Montanari’s feet who, from the midfield circle, doesn’t think twice and shoots first on goal. The trajectory of the ball kept everyone in suspense, climbed over the goalkeeper and ended up on the post before ending its run inexorably at the back of the net. It’s 2-0 Luiss, brace for the captain, in the last game with this shirt.
The reaction of the Foro Italico was furious which, with 4 offensive substitutions, tried to close Luiss in its own half. 10 minutes from the end, from a scrum in the area, the 2-1 goal was born which rekindled the hopes of the opponents. Luiss defends with all its forces tooth and nail: Barbato closes the gate and, despite the 6 minutes of recovery, you can’t go through it anymore.
Luiss is a champion: “It’s an indescribable emotion, I’ve dreamed of it over and over again, but it went beyond all my wildest expectations,” comments the captain. “Five years ago I scored on my debut with this shirt on matchday one, in the 4-3 win against John Cabot, and today in my last match I score the brace that allows us to lift the cup after a long time. It’s been five fantastic years where I met extraordinary people, with whom I made friendships that will last forever. It was an honor to be the captain of this team and this university. Today we close a circle in the best possible way”.