University soccer, big 3-2 win for Team Luiss CBILL against Campus Biomedico

  • 22 February 2022

Another great victory for the boys of the University Football that impose themselves 3 to 2 away at home of Campus Biomedico.

The hosts immediately start strong with an advantage a few minutes from the beginning, but the boys of Coach Roberto Giovannetti do not give up and sign immediately after the goal of 1-1 with Simone Vacca. The first half ends with the advantage on the part of the boys of Calcio Universitario with a goal by Filippo Botto.

The second half proves to be very difficult, the opponents continue to attack and manage to tie the score thanks to a corner kick.

Just in the moment of great difficulty for the team is once again Filippo Botto to solve all the problems with a powerful shot from outside that brings the AS Luiss CBILL ahead. At the end of the match comes an expulsion for Emanuele Fortunato.

A very important victory for the boys of University Football, who move back to third place in the standings.