University football, Luiss wins again against Cattolica

  • 21 February 2023

The University Soccer team coached by Mister Giovannetti returns to victory with a splendid performance. After the disappointing draw with UniCamillus, our boys conquer three fundamental points in the race for first place, guests of the Catholic University.

A few minutes and Tamba immediately takes the lead with a nice left foot, but shortly after the hosts equalize on a penalty kick. Intense and hard-fought match, with our team deserving the advantage, coming close to scoring several times (with Tamba and Gatti, dangerous twice from a corner).

The result remains in balance until the beginning of the second half, when, with a carelessness, we concede a goal from the opponents’ set-piece.

However, Ciampana’s entry seems to change the fate of the match. From now on, it’s a Luiss monologue. Ciampana himself sees the impossible saved, but finally it is Dore, on a great cross from Reca, who puts him in and evens the score with a nice left-handed plate. A few minutes and we score two more goals, bringing us up to 2-4, first with Ciampana (man of the match) and then again Tamba, increasingly the team’s top scorer.

In the final minutes, the opponents shortened the distance, but we held on to the lead with determination, catapulting ourselves to 16 points, still unbeaten.