Swimming, Luiss Intesa Sanpaolo is back in the pool for the Italo Nicoletti Trophy

  • 12 June 2023

The summer season of our Luiss Intesa Sanpaolo boys opens in the municipal sports center of Riccione, who took part, on 2-3-4 June, in the Italo Nicoletti Trophy organized by the structure.
Despite the period of load in training, the boys tried to give their best in this important stage and managed to obtain various satisfactions.
The two backstrokers, Costanza Emanuele and Costanza Poerio, open the dance with the 100m backstroke managing to swim a good time despite the first part opening slightly under rhythm. They then continue with the 50 breaststroke and 50 dolphin respectively, moving away from their specialty, but signing satisfactory times. The girls always close the weekend of competitions with the 50m backstroke (32.1 Costanza Poerio and 33.8 Costanza Emanuele).
As for the men’s section, instead, good performances in the freestyle with Alberto Crosato (50sl 26.3, 100sl 57.2), Raffaele Fabiano (50sl 25.1 100sl 54.3) and Lorenzo D’Angelo (50sl 24.2 100sl 53.3), the latter also winning the final in the 50m style and finishing 6th in his category.
Alberto Crosato and Raffaele Fabiano also took to the pool to compete in the 50m dolphin, finishing the race in 27.8 and 26.5 respectively.
Finally, Lorenzo Piferi, who competed in the 50 and 100 meter breaststroke, keeping a good frequency and swimming his times despite some technical peculiarities to be perfected.
Also of note were the two relays supported by the men’s section: the 4×50 medley and the 4×50 freestyle where our boys defended themselves well and demonstrated how much teamwork, even in an apparently individual sport, can lead to great results.