Swimming, Luiss Intesa Sanpaolo team stands out at Titan meet

  • 7 March 2023

This weekend the Luiss students of Team Nuoto Intesa Sanpaolo competed for the first time in one of the most prestigious meets of the winter season, hosted by the San Marino Swimming Federation: the Meeting del Titano.

Our girls and boys had the opportunity to compare themselves not only with themselves, following months of hard and demanding training, but also with some of the greatest athletes of our national team, from Luca Dotto, to Silvia Di Pietro, up to Lorenzo Zazzeri.

It was an intense two days of competitions, morning and afternoon, leading our college students to have their first important results of the season.

First in the water was Costanza Poerio in the 100 backstroke, who set her personal best in 1.06.62. This was followed by Costanza Emanuele, who made her debut in the 50 breaststroke, after an unexpected qualification, with 37.9. Also of note were the personal bests of Raffaele Fabiano, in the 50 freestyle, who improves by 7 tenths by touching the plate in 24.05, and Lorenzo D’Angelo, who swam a remarkable 52.7 in the queen race, the 100 freestyle, with an outstanding backstroke pool. Also in the queen race, a very good performance by the captain, Raffaele Fabiano, who with good race management stops the clock at 53.2, in line with expectations. Saturday closes the day with Lorenzo D’Angelo, who returns to the pool in the 50 backstroke, after a period of detachment from this style, and with great technique swims in 27.9.

Sunday is marked by speed, opened by the athlete Emanuele Davide in the 50 breaststroke who scores a good 30.3, followed and closed the event by the women’s 50 backstroke with Costanza Emanuele and Costanza Poerio; in particular the latter set her personal best by swimming an outstanding 31.2.

Team Luiss Nuoto once again is proof that combining competitiveness and study is not only feasible, but can also lead to excellent results. With commitment and perseverance, our girls and boys will continue to train and compete in high-level events for the conclusion of the winter season.