Women’s basketball, Luiss Roma wins the first match of the Playoffs against Montesacro Roma

  • 20 March 2023

On Sunday 12 March the first of the Playoffs will be played at the Palaluiss, a very important match that sees our Luiss clash with the Montesacro Roma team.
The landlords take the field aware of the weight of the match, and open the game with the right grit.
Leading by 3 points since the first quarter (13/10), they dominated for the entire first half, closing the second quarter 13/7.
After the interval, the opponents are unable to make up ground: Luiss maintains possession of the ball and closes the penultimate quarter 16/11. The game is not over, but the result already seems clear. With a compact game plan, the landlords continue to attack and end the game with a score of 53-43.
It’s a victory at Luiss.