Women’s basketball, Guidonia Basketball Academy gets the better of Luiss BNL team

  • 6 December 2022

On Sunday, November 27, the Luiss BNL girls took the court against Guidonia Basketball Academy away from home, surrendering the final victory to their opponents 38-37.

The first quarter started great: thanks to strong chemistry, our quintet managed to take a 7-length lead over the home team.
In the second period, Guidonia Basket shows skillful pressing skills, managing, with a small positive partial, to bring itself to -1 from Luiss: the first half ends 18-19.
Back on the court after the break and history repeats itself: a very low score mirrors the strong defensive intensity put in place by both teams, neither of them in fact manages to prevail over the other in a clear way.
The last minutes of the game are heart-stopping and see the Guidonia Basket girls triumph, despite the tenacity and grit put in place by the university formation.
Luiss BNL now prepares for the fifth day of the championship: appointment on Friday, December 2 at Palaluiss against Junior Basket Roma.

Tumminelli 13
Bortone 11
Casella 11
Manganiello 2