Women’s Basketball, the Luiss BNL defeated away from home against Roma XVI

  • 12 April 2022

Defeat away from home for the Luiss girls of BNL women’s basketball against Roma XVI. The game on Friday, April 8 ended with a score of 54-45.

The first quarter opens with great intensity from the girls, focused on both defense and offense. The opponents respond shot by shot, but our girls don’t give up. The second quarter closes with a score of 33-17.

The third quarter starts with a reaction from our girls, who compact and aggressive score 14 points. Unfortunately, the comeback of the university players was not enough to win: the game ended 54-45 for Roma XVI.

Next appointment at the Palaluiss on Friday, April 22.

Don’t give up, girls!

Roma XVI – Luiss: 54-45 (12-7;21-10;8-14;13-14)