Padel’s team is born: they will participate in the D league championship

  • 10/05/2019

AS Luiss is celebrating the birth of the Padel Tennis team with great enthusiasm. Our team will compete in the D-Series of the regional championship, which will take place in May and June. Each day will consist of three matches, in which one female and two male pairs will compete.

The boys coached by Giovanni Sartore will face a very difficult group, given the presence of teams pretending to the title. The objectives of ours for this season are not, however, related to promotion to Serie C. Rather, we aim to improve, make the bones and present themselves to the next season with more experience and confidence in their own means.

The first matches scheduled will be Saturday, May 18, away from the club “Sporting Club Eur”, and Saturday, May 25, at home at PalaLuiss.

Good luck, guys!