Mens sana in corpore sano: Probios is the new Official Sponsor of the Volleyball Team and Luiss Sport Lab

  • 15 January 2021

Luiss Sport Association and Probios SpA, a leading company in Italy in the distribution of organic food, are pleased to announce their collaboration. The partnership is born with the aim of developing research protocols that, through a diet based on organic food, aim to improve the Sports Performance and, more generally, contribute to the spread of a conscious consumption of healthy and organic food.

Probios will be at the same time Official Sponsor of the AS Luiss Volley Team and Official Sponsor of the Luiss Sport Lab project.

Probios and AS Luiss share a vision of wellness, which is achieved through proper nutrition and physical activity: a winning combination, always central to those who want to achieve extraordinary results not only in sport, but also in study and work. The partnership is based on these shared values and Probios will actively participate in a study by Luiss Sport Lab, focused on nutrition in athletes. The objective is to scientifically evaluate the incidence of a healthy diet on sports performance and to contribute to the diffusion of the protocols developed among the students of the University.

Luigi Abete, President of AS Luiss, is satisfied and sees the partnership as an opportunity to reiterate the importance of a healthy lifestyle, which combines sport and organic food, in the career of a student, hoping that this represents the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration.

“We are proud to share with Luiss a wealth of experience and knowledge that comes from over 40 years of activity related to the world of organic food. The study of the Luiss Sport Lab will allow us to get even closer to young people, helping to increase their awareness of the world of organic food and the role of sport in their growth,” says Renato Calabrese, General Manager of Probios SpA.