Mens sana in corpore sano: cross interview between Team Volley and Main Sponsor Probios

  • 25 March 2021

AS Luiss and Probios, Main Sponsor of as Luiss Volley area, share a vision based on wellness, which is achieved through proper nutrition and physical activity. A winning combination, always central to those who want to achieve extraordinary results in sport, study and work.

The partnership was born with the aim of spreading the consumption of organic food and the awareness of the improvement of sports performance that follows. The cross interview between Rossella Bartolozzi, Chief Financial Officer of the company, and Chiara Castiglione, a hammers of the Women’s Volleyball Team for 3 years, goes in this direction. A dialogue that brings out an interesting double point of view on the relationship between diet and sport.


A window on the organic world
Rossella, when can a product be defined as organic?

When it does not contain GMOs and respects the regulations imposed by the European Community. The latter provides precise indications on production, farming, processing and breeding. During farming, for example, it is not possible to use pesticides or chemical fertilizers, while in processing are banned synthetic dyes and flavors. Only those who present the certification of the authorized control body can market organic products. For the consumer it is easy to recognize them: they have the Euroleaf, a green leaf with the stars of the EU, on their packaging.

What are the foods included in an organic diet and which ones should be avoided?

White flours and refined sugars should be avoided, because they induce glycemic peaks that worsen sports performance. Instead, we should follow the seasonality of foods and enrich the diet with whole grain products, containing fibers that are essential for our well-being. A whole grain cereal keeps, in fact, the bran, the most external part, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and mineral salts.

Which are the most suitable Probios products for an athlete’s diet?

Those of the BioChampion line, which uses only vegetable protein sources. For breakfast, I recommend Protein Granola Cocoa & Orange, a crunchy organic blend of cereal flakes, gluten-free and scented with orange. This product is high in protein and low in carbohydrates, perfect for starting the day with the right energy. Other precious allies of athletes are Fit&Go bars, formulated with a mix of nuts, seeds and honey, enriched with guarana, ginseng and maca. They are suitable for snacking in the office, at school, in gym activities and outdoors. Fit Snack Rye and Oat Whole Wheat Cakes are also a great snack. The zinc they contain contributes to carbohydrate metabolism and magnesium synthesis. I also recommend BioChampion Omega Oil: polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E make it ideal for athletes, the high content of Omega 3 helps maintain normal cholesterol levels.

Nutrition and sport: the athlete’s word


Chiara, can you describe your pre-race and post-race eating routine?

Before a training session or a game, I eat very little, because if I get heavy I suffer. All I need is a piece of fruit (banana, apple, pear) or a protein bar. After training, dinner is also light: chicken breast, vegetables or minestrone. Also because we train very late, from 9 to 11 p.m. As for the matches, however, sometimes we play a little earlier, for example between 6 and 8 p.m. In that case, I eat a piece of toast in the afternoon and after the match I have a more substantial dinner.

How much does nutrition affect your performance on the court and in the books?

A lot, on both: nutrition is very important. I eat more before studying than I do before playing or training. Especially at breakfast. Even now that we have distance learning, I eat a big breakfast before class. It helps me get active mentally, in fact I often eat an apple: they say that it wakes you up as much as a cup of coffee. At lunch, on the other hand, I always keep it light, while at dinner I allow myself a little more.

How much can getting advice on nutrition help you manage your dual career?

It can be very useful: having a sponsor like Probios is a wonderful opportunity, especially because it will allow us to learn more about the organic world. Receiving advice on nutrition can help us improve our performance, without a doubt.