Basket Serie B, defeat against Sinermatic Ozzano in the second of the championship

  • 14 October 2021

Luiss Basket loses at Cervia’s Palasport against Sinermatic Ozzano in the second championship game. Our boys held their own for two quarters but then suffered the offensive verve of the home team.

In the insidious away game, in a crowded arena, Luiss enters the field determined and immediately starts strong with a 5-0 signed by Tolino-Barbon and continues to score until 10-5. The Emilians answer with a long counter-break of 13-2: Sinermatic leads 18-12.

Paccariè raises the defence and puts Ozzano in trouble, but the opponents are inspired and start taking measures. Up to 28-18. In the second quarter, Luiss gets back into the game with D’Argenzio’s accelerations, Di Bonaventura’s baskets and a nice triple by Murri. The disadvantage is reduced to 5 points, 36-31.

Time-out for the home team, that comes back on the floor with a deadly 9-0. Our team can’t find the basket and remains stuck at 31 points. Ozzano pushes and closes 51-37 at halftime.

In the second half, the team tries everything, stretching Sinermatic’s defense by playing with two small players. But Pasqualin and teammates’ shooting percentage remains low and with 15% from three, Luiss loses contact. The hosts attack well, shoot better and win the rebounding challenge. The siren sanctions their well-deserved victory.

Back on court Saturday, October 16 at PalaLuiss. Challenge against Roseto, to get the first victory.

Come on guys, let’s get up now.