Basketball Series B, narrow defeat against Rieti in the first championship game

  • 14 October 2021

Basket Serie B comes out defeated but with great honor. The first game of the season ends 80 to 77 for Npc Rieti: a game played at a very high pace by both teams.

In a full house, in accordance with Covid protocols, our team starts with great intensity and excellent percentages from outside. Barbon and D’Argenzio lead the team to a well-deserved 29-19.

Then, Rieti raises the defense and fouls a bit the averages of the Luiss players. Broglia and Testa reduce the disadvantage and close the first half, which ends 48-47. In the third quarter, the guests try to tear, but Paccariè finds the right answers. The team rises in defense and Pasqualin finds two important triples. The game is intense and full of character.

We go to the last quarter with Rieti ahead 66-62. The guests don’t want to suffer, they push hard and fly on +10. The inertia is for them, but our guys react with a deadly counterbreak propitiated by Pasqualin and D’Argenzio. The end is hot and the refereeing is not always lucid. Rieti goes ahead with free throws and Luiss’ hopes are dashed on the iron.

If a bitter defeat can give confidence to a new group, this is the case. Come on guys, head to the next one!