University soccer, first league win against College Life

  • 19 November 2021

Great game by the boys of University Football, who impose themselves 3-1 on College Life.

The first half starts in the best way, thanks to a goal by Gian Marco Polito after just 3 minutes. College Life directs the pace of the match and goes in search of an equalizer. It finds it at 22′ with Lancaster on a free kick from the distance. Only 30 seconds pass and Mr. Giovannetti’s boys take the lead again with a well placed shot by Vicente Entrudo.

In the second half, Luiss leads the game and at 55′ scores the 3-1 after a splendid action finalized by Mikkel Fjalland. An excellent performance, three points and the first victory.

Next game, challenge against John Cabot University. Come on guys, keep it up!