Women’s Basketball, historic 34-100 win against Talea Basketball

  • 22 February 2022

That it was going to be a special night was understood even before leaving: unable to postpone the match any longer, in fact, the girls of the AS Luiss Basket Feminile BNL Team went to Ostia against Pallacanestro Talea with only 8 players, without coach and only one team manager, due to absences caused by Covid and small injuries.

The match at Palassobalneari in Ostia ended 34-100 and with it the first phase of the championship ended in third place.

But the girls, after the mocking defeat in the last minutes of the first half of the season, accomplished a real sporting feat, not only overturning the result but also getting a taste for it, reaching for the first time the historic goal of 100 points scored.

In the early stages the game seems to have its balance with the teams alternating in a back and forth on both sides of the court, but it’s when the first time out comes back that the game changes pace and for Talea’s opponents there’s nothing more to do.

Ludovica Golia’s triple opens the game and she closes the match with a 4/6 from 3 points. But she’s not the only one to find a similar confidence with the baskets of Palassobalneari, the whole team seems to be in a state of grace and the first quarter ends 9-24.

The second quarter maintains a good defensive intensity: Camilla Ambrosino puts her signature on the game with a formidable double-double of 18 points and 15 rebounds plus 6 recoveries.

The real highlight of the game, however, is in the third quarter when Claudia Genna scores her first basket of her life, arrived after two years of waiting between Covid and a lot of bench, then releasing herself in an exultation more than deserved.

From here on it’s all downhill, the girls continue to play keeping a good pace alternating triple of Marta Tumminelli to the baskets of Chiara Lezzi and Cristina Bortone. The quarter ends with a partial of 8-35 that brings the two teams to the last rest with the score of 24-80.

In the last quarter, Croce Altea also scores and with the whole team scoring, the remaining minutes are the end credits. Two minutes from the end of the game is Adriana Casella, captain and exceptionally for the evening also Coach, who enters the field and with a play of experience, she makes the ball hit the opponent’s back from the throw-in, she leans on the basket and signs the 100th point of the team.

Congratulations girls and head to the next one!