Serie B basketball, Luiss Roma goes 2-0 against Ozzano

  • 29 May 2023

A match fought at a high pace like match 1 that on May 16th sees Luiss Roma Basket Serie B against Ozzano. Our boys, with Jovovic, Allodi and Fallucca, fly to +10, while Ozzano doesn’t give up, on the contrary he goes up to +5. It is Murri, with 5 consecutive points, who takes Paccariè’s boys up 2-0.

Ozzano still starts strong. Driven by Balducci, it flies to + 5. Paccariè plays the card of the D’Argenzio – Pasqualin duo after a few minutes with Allodi dominating below. He warms up with a Fallucca bomb for overtaking Luiss 19-17. The game features high notes and intense rhythms. Pasqualin penetrates for 23-19. Mimmo’s triple arrives for the maximum advantage. Luiss takes back the keys to the match and closes the first quarter 30-23. Luiss restarts as she had finished: she reaches 36-26 with a great penetration by Mimmo for 41-32. Ozzano raises the defense but fails to shorten. The first half ends 47-37, dominated by Jovovic with 13 points and 5 rebounds.

Ozzano starts with a dry 10-0 and impacts on 47-47. Paccarie calls time out. The opponents continue to spin the ball well, reaching 48-52. There are moments of disorder on the pitch. Luiss doesn’t manage the attacks well and Paccariè plays the 2 play. Mimmo on the counterattack brings Luiss back forward. On the next rebound Pasqualin throws a triple without a rebound and Luiss is now at 57-53. The game returns to its levels. Barattini answers from three. Luiss closes the third quarter down 57-58 (partial 10-21). Luiss suffers because Ozzano is solid and plays well. 57-62 for guests.

It is the decisive moment: Luiss is unable to find the way to the basket. Vincente is the triple from Murri for 64-64. Again Murri takes the scene with a nice penetration. Luiss returns to the lead 66-64. Chiappelli with a triple returns to -1. Allodi scores the crucial basket of 70-67. Ozzano makes mistakes from below and Jovovic fills the sails by 3. Luiss regains control, while Ozzano makes mistakes again and Pasqualin scores the 77-70. Fallucca signs a triple for 81-72 and closes the match.

We go to match 3.