Cycling, LUISS at the Granfondo Campagnolo Rome

On Sunday 14th October, the Granfondo Campagnolo took place in Rome, a party through the streets of the centre where the two wheels paraded for about 8 kilometres before the competitive route located at the gates of the Coliseum. "Omnia vincit amor", literally love wins over everything is the slogan of the 5,000 partici... More

Cycling: Elena Serangeli 2°, Nunzio Muratore 4°

Two beautiful medals for our student-athletes during the second competition of the "Cicuito Fantabici 2018". Elena Serangeli  won the silver medal in the Elite sport women category, Nunzio Muratore (Elite sport men category) finished his 122km in 3 hours and 45 minutes and ranked in the 4th position. 8th ... More

Cycling: great start for LUISS!

On Sunday 25th March, our students took part in the first important competition of the season "La gran fondo internazionale Fara in Sabina" in Passo Corese. With more than 800 athletes, LUISS spent a funny day all together and participated with Giancarlo Perazzi (46), Nunzio Muratore (63) Lorenzo Canuti (87) in the ... More

Elena Serangeli: in the study as in the sport we have to pedal if we want to reach the top

A master degree in economics and Business and a great passion for sport. Elena Serangeli, cyclist of AS LUISS, tells what drive her to pick LUISS. "In 2015, I've participated to the partnership with Utrecht University that permitted me to study in Holland for a year. In there I signed in the athletics team because I've ... More

Fantabici Circuit 2017: awarded Elena Serangeli and Nunzio Muratore

Sunday, November the 12th, at Fiano Romano’s Sports Hall there were held the awards of Circuito Fantabici 2017 edition; during this event were given some prize to best scored athletes in all of circuits belonging to this season, such as: GF Cerveteri, GF Dei Colli Amerini, GF Del Velodromo Di Forano, GF La Garibaldina, ... More

Cycling: LUISS taken part to Gran Fondo Campagnolo

Sunday 9th October at 7.15 a.m., over than six thousand cyclist taken part to the Gran Fondo Campagnolo in Rome. Also LUISS athletes enjoyed competition who have faced 121 km and more than two thousand meters difference in level through enchanted villages and breathtaking scenery. The competition started from Colosseum and ... More