Volleyball Men’s Series D, Luiss Probios wins against ASD Lupi di Marte

At the resumption of the D Series championship, AS Luiss Probios returns to win at home against ASD Lupi di Marte by 3 sets to 2. For coach Narduzzi's team, it proved to be a very challenging match. After two sets ahead, a series of unfavorable episodes allowed the opponents to emerge, taking the match to the tie ... More

Men’s Volleyball, Team AS Luiss Probios beats Artha Luxury Etruria Volley 3-0

Another great game for the AS Luiss Probios Men's Volleyball Team that conquers its eleventh victory in the league beating the hosts of Artha Luxury Etruria Volley 3-0. The boys of Coach Lorenzo Narduzzi dominated the game without hesitation. Thanks to this result they were able to consolidate their second place in ... More


Men’s Volleyball, AS Luiss Probios Team finds the victory again against Egan Volley

The boys of Volleyball Men find success again in the home challenge against Egan Volley. The team of coach Lorenzo Narduzzi, despite numerous injuries, has once again proven to be a great group. This is confirmed by the 3-1 win against one of the rivals for the championship victory. The sets were concluded with the ... More


Men’s Volleyball, first defeat for Team AS Luiss Probios against Green Volleyball

At the ninth of the championship, comes the first defeat for Volley Men against Green Volley. The AS Luiss Probios Team, in a very nervous match and decided by unfortunate episodes, surrendered 3-1 to a very organized and valid opponent. The sets ended with the scores of: 25-21, 21-25, 26-24, 31-29. Sunday at 18:00 ... More


Men’s Volleyball, seventh consecutive victory against Pallavolo Tor Sapienza

Super match for Team Volley AS Luiss Probios against Pallavolo Tor Sapienza. The long match saw the triumph of the boys of coach Narduzzi for 3-2. The sets ended with the scores of 17-25, 25-22, 16-25, 25-23, 12-15. The match was very tense and tiring for both teams, but the team has always remained united and managed ... More


Men’s Volleyball, sixth win in six games against Ecosantagata Civita Castellana

On Sunday at PalaLuiss, the challenge between AS Luiss Probios Team Volleyball and Ecosantagata Civita Castellana was played. The match, valid for the sixth day of the D Series Championship, ended with a 3-2 victory. The guest team proved, not only in this match, to be a worthy rival for the victory of the championship. ... More


Men’s Volleyball, the streak of consecutive victories continues: 3-0 to Fenice Volleyball

On Saturday, the AS Luiss Probios Team Volleyball boys earned their fifth win out of five matches played. At PalaFerretti, coach Narduzzi's team beat Fenice Volley 3-0, gaining the lone top of the standings. Once again, it was a match in control from start to finish. The sets, in fact, ended with the scores of 25-19, ... More


Men’s Volleyball, the AS Luiss Probios Team takes a trio against Lupi di Marte

Another victory for the AS Luiss Probios Volleyball Team, which wins three games against ASD Lupi di Marte. This is the third consecutive triumph in the men's Serie D championship for our volleyball team. A success that is the result of an overwhelming result. The boys won 3-0, with scores of 25-16, 25-18, 25-20. A... More


Men’s Volleyball, Team AS Luiss Probios does not stop: new 3-0 and fourth consecutive victory

Poker of successes for the AS Luiss Probios Team. The fourth consecutive victory comes in the match against Arthua Luxury Etruria Volley, beaten 3-0. A result that brings the boys at the top of the league standings. The challenge did not put in difficulty our volleyball players, who proved to be in full control ... More


Men’s Volleyball, good first match against Roma Volley Club for Team AS Luiss Probios

The Men's Volleyball championship gets off to a great start. The AS Luiss Probios Team won its first away victory, beating Roma Volley Club 3-0. At the Oratorio di San Paolo, our boys have triumphed in all sets, with the score of 25-17, 25-15, 25-22. The third set proved to be the most complicated, but after an initial ... More