Stella Azzurra

Women’s Basketball, away defeat against Stella Azzurra

In the second day of the return of the championship, our basketball players suffer a defeat against Stella Azzurra. The girls of Basket Femminile, led by Michelangelo Schiano, lose 71-47. In the first quarter, the opposing team starts with a good attack, so they have a 10 point lead. After the interval, Team AS Luiss ... More


Women’s Basketball, important win against Frecce Romane Basket

Great victory for the girls of Basketball, who beat the Frecce Romane 63-49. The first quarter doesn't seem to start in the best way, despite the good defense put in place. At the start, the opponents take the lead. After 10′, the score is 22-17. The next two periods seem to turn the situation around: our girls ... More


Women’s Basketball, away success against the Frecce romane

The girls of Basket Femminile get unblocked, winning and convincing against Frecce Romane. In the away game, Michelangelo Schiano's team triumphs 68-55. After two hard-fought games, in the third of the championship our quintet shows its value. The first two quarters are difficult to overcome, but the girls score 36 ... More


Women’s Basketball, a loss against Maxime Bears

Stops Women's Basketball, defeated on the road by Maxime Bears. Despite the first quarter started on the right foot, the next period brought the gap in the game. The girls have, in fact, suffered a partial of 23-12 that opened the gap. In the last two quarters, Coach Schiano's team regained its initial grit, managing ... More


Women’s Basketball, defeat against Talea Basketball

Basket Femminile suffers another defeat in the fourth day of the championship. Coach Schiano's team was beaten by Pallacanestro Talea 42-48. After the lead in the first quarter and the parity in the second, the tension rises and the physical tiredness begins to be felt. The transition to zone defense is not enough to ... More


“One on one,” word from Marta Tumminelli of Women’s Basketball.

Marta Tumminelli of women's basketball team moved to Rome at a very young age, ready to embark on a double life: as a student and as a basketball player at Luiss. And now, after three years in the women's C Series, she tells her story in the fourth episode of "One on One" on Radio Luiss. Marta, tell us about yourself.... More


Women’s Basketball, the debut match goes to Stella Azzurra

After a long break, comes a defeat in the first game of the Girls' Basketball. The debut in Serie C ends 85-40 in favor of Stella Azzurra. In the first quarter, the opposing team starts with a good defense, united and aggressive. Luiss can't keep up, but plays with determination. The quarter ends with a 25 point ... More

Pass Roma

Women’s basketball, Pass Roma stops our girls

After the success with the Smit, a setback for the girls of Women's Basketball against  Pass Roma arrives. The match ended 45-30 for the opponents. In the first quarter the team of coach Schiano di Cola seems to start on the right foot. The desire to win and a good defense allow our team to stand up to the hosts for ... More


Basketball Promozione, Valsugana wins at PalaLuiss: first k.o. to the playoffs

The first defeat in the final stages against Basket Valsugana, who defeated PalaLuiss 62-56. A k.o. that could weigh heavily in case of a negative result against Basket Roma Nord, the number one candidate for promotion. The guests from the start express a dynamic and fast basketball that puts our boys in trouble. The ... More

Pass Roma

Women’s Basketball: first defeat against Pass Roma

Against the Pass Roma comes the first k.o. in the CSI championship for the Luiss Women's Basketball. The game, very hard-fought, ended 43-51 in favor of the opponents. Our girls take the lead, but in the middle of the first quarter the guests impose themselves with strength. The fraction closes with a gap of 3 points, ... More