Women’s volleyball, victory well deserved!

Coach Antonio Marra's girls win by 3-1! After the first set of ups and downs our athletes were able to react by bringing home the next three sets. The girls of the LUISS Volley are growing training after training and the results start to show! Always ahead so girls! And as the coach says, "Come on, ball after ball!" ... More

Female Volleyball, LUISS vs Virtus Roma: 3-0

An important victory for girls of LUISS volleyball that keep going on a positive route in championship. They demonstrated another time their solidity and their compactness. The match was never in discussion, there were never left spaces neither hope of vamp, showing a security and a match management that it's hopefully ... More

LUISS male volleyball against Aspia VCB 1981: 3-1 for our girls!

LUISS male volleyball there is! This was the partial: 25/14 - 25/23 - 22/25 - 25/16 Our team won against Aspia VCB 1981 for 3-1 giving a proof of big strenght and motivation that will be fundamental for the entire championship. In the field a motivated team, young girls that together have demonstrated character ... More

A bitter start for LUISS male Volleyball that lose against Polisportiva Virgilio for 3-0.

Huge desire to restart, but a lot of rage for this first result that is a liar because doesn’t reflect the match played out of home. A new group, rich of young girls that entered in our LUISS family this year, played for the first time together. First two sets were fought but lost for few points, in the third set ... More

Starts a new experience for LUISS female volleyball.

Passion, sacrifice, ambition. It’s begun with the best intention the season for LUISS female volleyball; the team, guided by a new coach Antonio Marra, trained at PalaLuiss for more than a month and it’s ready to the next championship in which we will see new athletes chosen during the selection. The degree of ... More