Giorgia, Ludovica and Matteo: students looking for the victory!

  • 30 October 2017

In the occasion of UNIBOAT RACE ROMA 2017, that will be on Saturday the 28th October, Giorgia Pelacchi, Matteo Stefanini e Ludovica Serafini, rowers’ world renown and students of our prestigious university, released some statements about this competition.

The first to talk was Giorgia Pelacchi: “What are your feelings about the UNIBOAT RACE?

“Firstly, I’m enthusiastic to join this event. Mine sensations are very positive because with this collaboration the sport is a reality that is near to the university world. I hope that this is only the beginning of something very enormous and that other university can take LUISS and Foro Italico as examples.

While we have asked to Matteo Serafini to talk about his sensation to be a student-athlete that joined the scholarship, and his project after the Master in Business Administration.

“Being a student for a professional athlete isn’t simple, for some reasons related to logistic and calendar problems. Some years ago, I passed the LUISS test for the master degree but there wasn’t scholarship for my sport specialty. Some time ago I knew professor Paolo Del Bene, thanks to him born this scholarship proposal. Now I’m the captain of LUISS boating team, I’m confident that we can do great things!I decided to do MBA Master because of the magnificence because is one of the most difficult route. Even in this field my ambitions are really high”.

In the end Ludovica Serafini explained her perspective both in academic and sportive field that specifically on the event said: “With the scholarship every young athlete has the chance to make great results in the sport you love. What values you think you can find in this study route? What do you expect from UNIBOAT RACE?

“With the scholarship, I can reach two objectives: to be great in my sport and at the same time I can create the basis for a career after sport. I think that when a person understands to be in the right route, as it’s happening to me, feels to be motivated, to have all the energy that are necessary, and in the crucial moment I will be ready to give my maximum.
I am excited to take part to UNIBOAT RACE, firstly because I feel to be a part of my university, so have the chance to represent it in a sportive event makes me proud. Seems to compete in the historical Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge!”

Now we have only to wait for the extraordinary event Saturday at 3 p.m. along the Tevere’s side.