Women’s Volleyball, Luiss Probios in running for promotion

  • 9 May 2023

Coach Marra’s women’s volleyball girls begin their promotion to Serie D with a good victory in the first game of the playoffs. The Luiss Probios team beats the excellent formation of Roma 6 Volley with a score of 3-0, proving to be ready to face the next matches with character.

The student athletes play like a real team, both in defense and in attack, and manage to maintain the advantage and concentration from the first to the last set.

This is a very important victory for Luiss Volley which has shown that it has the necessary determination to face the playoffs. Coach Marra’s team has worked hard to achieve this result and is now ready to keep fighting for promotion.

The goal for the Luiss line-up will be to maintain this concentration also on Friday 5 May at the Palaluiss for Game 2 of the playoffs with Sporteam12. Come on LUISS!

The partials of the match LUISS – Roma 6 Volley: 25-15 25-19 25-18