Tennis, the men’s Luiss Team in Serie C

  • 6 June 2023

On Sunday 28 May, the Luiss BMW Roma Men’s Tennis team conquers Serie C in a match played until the last 15.
Gandolfi, the flagship of the team, opened the day by winning his single with a peremptory 6-0/6-0.
Instead comes the first defeat of the number 2 of the Trippetti team, who surrenders with a double 6-2 to an opponent in top form.
As the third match Russo takes the field, who despite some physical problems and the loss of the first set, brings out the experience and grit that distinguish him by winning 6-2 in the third.
Closes the singles match Paduano who gives 6-1/6-1 to his opponent.
The place in Serie C is then decided with doubles matches, both won by our players who sided with the following pairs: Russo-Gandolfi and Saccone-Trippetti.
Also this year the men’s tennis team confirms its leading role in a championship where it has no rivals.
Congratulations to all the members of the team, to coach Andrea Pelliccioni and to director Massimo Macagni for the excellent work done during the year.
Good luck to all the boys for the next individual tournaments scheduled for the summer season.