AS Luiss and Capital Advisory, together for Tennis: Alessandro Papa tells us about the partnership

  • 6 April 2021

Sport and business: two worlds that may seem far apart, but which in reality share many values. This is what Alessandro Papa, Founder and CEO of Capital Advisory, a consulting firm focused in fiscal, corporate, commercial and tax matters, emphasizes. The company recently became Official Partner of AS Luiss and Main Sponsor of the Tennis team. A collaboration that makes us proud and of which we spoke with Alessandro.

Alessandro, what are the values that Capital Advisory has in common with the Luiss Sport Association?

In our company we have always worked to create a family atmosphere, understood as socialization, fair play among colleagues, respect for our work and for our clients. These are the values that most unite us and are the basis of a healthy and winning environment. In sport, as in business.

Why did Capital Advisory choose to be the Main Sponsor of the Tennis Team?

Our work is highly technical, considering that we advise companies. We deal with taxation, management control and facilitated finance. All areas that require precise rules and a good deal of interdisciplinary coordination. Tennis, in turn, is a very technical sport that engages all parts of the body, requires excellent reflexes and speed of decision-making. It involves, therefore, perfect neuro-muscular coordination, reminiscent of the way we work in Capital Advisory.

In your opinion, is sport a value within a company?

Sport wants everyone to be committed to the same goal. The athletes involved are engaged in one team effort. Think, for example, of the relay race and the subsidiarity of each participant: the same relationship of trust and mutual commitment is good to have in a company.

What are your expectations regarding the partnership with AS Luiss?

We are convinced that it will contribute to the strengthening of our brand identity. For us, sport means well-being and therefore success. An equation that is essential for the good performance of a company. This is why we have focused on the Luiss Sports Association: through physical movement and sacrifice, it is possible to create a psychophysical wellbeing that creates a success story. Starting from a healthy competition, which is never careerism, but is the best aspect of competition, that is, putting yourself in the game.