Women’s volleyball, Luiss Probios wins 3-0 against Sporteam12-APASIAVBC ’81

  • 25 March 2022

A glorious Sunday brings the As Luiss Volleyball Women Probios to third place in the overall classic: our athletes impose themselves clearly on Sporteam12-APASIAVBC ’81 with a well-deserved 3 – 0.

The girls took the field very concentrated, immediately taking the lead and leading the match with serenity. It was an opportunity to field new strategies studied by Coach Marra during the weekly training.

Already in the first set we could see the substantial difference in the management of the game. Our university players were united and gritty for all the sets, giving no room to the opponent’s comeback.

In particular, the second set saw, once again, our historical captain Debora Di Marco and our libero Teresa Goricchi, who supported the defense for the entire match.

Now the team will continue to work hard in the gym focusing on the next match.

Congratulations, girls!