Calcio Juniores, home victory for Luiss CBill against Città di Cerveteri

  • 1 February 2023

On Saturday 21 January Luiss CBill challenges the Don Orione City of Cerveteri and wins 2 to 1.

The match starts in the best possible way for Mr. Mo’s boys. Already in the first minutes of the game, the university students found the advantage with Mercurio, who best concluded an action started from the defense with a shot under the crossbar. The first half was dominated by Luiss, who controlled the game with good ball possession. Our team soon found the second goal with Moscetti on a nice cross from Fedele from the wing. Luiss continues to play, but wastes the chances to make it 3-0 and finish the match.

The second half becomes more complicated, with fewer chances for both teams. However, the visitors narrowed the gap with a penalty midway through the second half. However, Luiss manages to keep the result without suffering too much and takes home a very important victory.