Football Excellence, Luiss CBill wins at home against Atletico Torrenova

  • 1 February 2023

Sunday 29 January our boys enter the field at Don Orione concentrated and determined to win another 3 points against Atletico Torrenova and win 4 to 0.
The first half is to be applauded: Luiss CBill shows a fast ball lap and aggressive pressing, while the opponents are unable to get out of their own half. In the 27th minute comes the great play of Biraschi who scores a spectacular goal. After a few minutes, Rekik passes the ball to Rubolino who coolly signs the 2-0.
The second half begins and Atletico Torrenova tries to leave their half pitch trying to press all over the pitch, but with nothing done. Our university students don’t allow space and in the 71st minute De Vincenzi’s great shot arrives which is rejected by the goalkeeper. Recover Rekik who kicks on the fly and goes on 3-0. In the 82nd minute there is another great play by Rezzi, who steals the ball in midfield and serves De Vincenzi in depth. The striker arrives in front of the opposing goalkeeper and kicks towards Rezzi who takes us up 4-0.